London in Black and White

After a few dark and rainy days I started to feel like I was living my life in grey scale. I set out for a walk through the city, passing through St. James’s Park and Green Park in a loop around Buckingham Palace to capture the feeling. London, union Jack, winter, black and white IMG_7160 taxi, london, pedestrian, black and whiteB&W, no cycling, park, london, green park

Tower Bridge, London, photography

pug, train, dog, london, south eastern railAt the end of December I moved to London, UK from Toronto, Canada with my dog Stella and my partner Kyle. Although job hunting and the weather is tending to keep me indoors, I am trying to get out and explore this wonderful and enormous city. Stella especially loves the train rides. The journey is always more exciting than the destination. Follow me on instagram for a taste of London Living.